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4 Reasons I Recommend Worldschooling an Autistic Child

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I have always viewed the world as an open book. Thousands of destinations to visit. Millions of attractions to explore. And billions of things to learn. Maybe that’s why I am such a fan of

worldschooling autistic children. If you have never heard of worldschooling before, it is a combination of education and travel. For every family, worldschooling can look a little different. Some families will have their children in a traditional school but will travel the world during school vacations. Other families will live the digital nomad lifestyle and travel the world, as their children learn real-life lessons along the way. Of course, worldschooling an autistic child could look different than both of those options. It all

depends on the child and how you want to approach this way of learning.

4 Reasons I Recommend Worldschooling an Autistic Child

1. Spreads Autism Awareness

All autistic parents know that everyone is not familiar with autism. If a person does not have a relative or close friend with autism, they won’t understand the challenges autistic families face. However, when you choose to worldschool your autistic child and travel the world with them, more people will have the chance to interact with your family. They will see firsthand the struggles you may face. And they will learn how to act around a person with autism.

2. Creates Family Bonding

There is no better bond than a family. When you take the time to travel, you are leaving the

busyness of regular life back home. There will be no therapy appointments. No doctor

appointments. And no work meetings or deadlines. Instead, you will have ample time to simply enjoy your time together as a family.

3. See Destinations Your Child is Currently Learning About

Nothing brings school to life more than experiencing a destination firsthand. Just like science is better with experiments, history is more interesting when you can explore a historical attraction or part of the world. Instead of sitting at a desk in school, your child can walk around, see things, and in some places, even touch things. This will make the lessons they learned seem even more real.

4. Work on Life Skills Learned During Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are excellent for learning life skills. However, putting them into practice in real-life scenarios is the most beneficial for almost any autistic child. Your child will gain confidence once they see how well they can interact with others. And as their confidence grows, they will also start to be a little more independent when they are traveling. Imagine watching your autistic child blossom in ways you once thought may not be possible!

These are the four main reasons why I recommend worldschooling for an autistic child. There are many other reasons why this type of schooling can be beneficial for your family though. And those reasons will be apparent once you start to travel the world and see the changes in your autistic child for yourself. I would love to help you plan a worldschooling adventure for your family. As an expert travel advisor who specializes in autism, I have the skills needed to ensure your next worldschooling vacation is exactly what your family needs.

If you are ready to plan a worldschooling vacation, I would like to invite you to schedule a planning session with me by clicking here. When you click on this link, you will be taken directly to my digital calendar to set up a time that is convenient for you.

And if you are not ready to start planning your worldschooling vacation just yet, you can easily stay in touch with me by visiting my Facebook page or my Instagram page. I am always sharing helpful tips, travel information, and so much more on my social media. So, come join in on the fun!

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