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An American Road Trip!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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With all the focus on staying at home and going out less and less, it can be stressful to consider planning a trip. Especially if you are thinking about one to an international destination. Yet, I believe that in the not so distant future we can begin to venture out with a mask on more than likely to domestic locations across the good ol' US of A.

More so when the states stop flaring up.

With this in mind, I'd like to call back to helping a traveling family Our Every J Life plan their road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransico to Ridgecrest.

You might not think that a travel agent can help you plan a road trip, but would you be surprised if you said we can and our help can really go a long way? Not only does it save you from having to do research for places to stop, hotels to book along the way, recommend restaurants to eat at, and attractions to visit.

With Our Every J Life, I created a detailed itinerary for hotels to stop at that were ultra kid-friendly and had kids clubs, some places based on information that they gave me which was to do outdoorsy things. So I helped them stop at places along the way such as Bixby Bridge.

With the help of a travel agent like me, you are sure to make stops along the way that gives you time to travel more slowly. With small children and with a child with special needs this allows you time to move at your own pace. No rushing from attraction to attraction and to fully experience a location. I felt, in particular, my road trip plans for the J family allowed them the freedom to follow my plans to the T or adjust the plans as they saw fit. The plans aren't set in stone except for maybe a hotel or ticketed attractions. That's a nice thing about working with a travel agent, however, we can adjust your plans if you need more so during a road trip since the plans are fairly flexible. The J family didn't fully follow my itinerary but they had it available to them so they knew where they could stop about every 3 hours on their journey down the PCH.

I was very that thankful I planned a week trip for them down the PCH. It was a unique challenge to make more recommendations in cities according to where they would be each day rather than creating an itinerary that covered one or two cities during a 7-day trip.

Additionally, when working with me or another travel agent you'll find that there are some perks that come along with getting help during the trip. I can't give away all the details but know even when planning a road trip for you I may be able to create some magic just for you.

The J family was a pleasure to work with and not the only family I planned a road trip for! I also worked with another family to plan a camping trip to Alaska. So, if you are itching to get away but not so sure about the safety of a theme park go fill out my contact page, and let's get started working together to plan a trip to remember!

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