Aulani, A Disney Resory and Spa

Perhaps one of my favorite places on the entire island of Oʻahu. The Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa is full of family fun and adventure. The resort is nestled in the Koʻ Olina Resort. Itʻs pretty easy to get to and if you need some tips getting there check out the tips here:

We took both of our boys there and I was pretty shocked to discover how interactive the characters were at the resort. Maybe because itʻs a little smaller or maybe because I had a 5-month-old. Whatever the reason there was so much loving from Minnie for our youngest son. Minnie came by our table three times to hang out with the baby! My oldest son was swept away twice by Goofy and Pluto to walk around the restaurant and play! Also, if you have any food allergies the Makahiki is a buffet but when booking a vacation, just let me know about it so I can make it aware to the chefs. I have a nut allergy so, I wasnʻt able to eat any of the pastry items. A chef even came out to our table and walked over the buffet with me to help me find allergy-friendly foods on the buffet.

A trip to the Aulani is one you shouldnʻt miss! Itʻs so amazing! We used to visit almost weekly we were stationed on Oʻahu. Our home was a whole 12-minute drive away from the resort. We found ourselves there very often along with visit to the KoʻOlina Lagoons.

Have you been?

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