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Autism Friendly Tours and Hotels on Maui and the Big Island

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Planning a vacation on the island of Maui or the Big Island can be a lot of fun! However, when you are

taking an autistic child with you, there are a few additional variables you must consider when planning

your trip. Now, before you start to think that a vacation to one of these Hawaiian Islands isn’t possible, I

want to remind you that travel is for everyone. And that means I can help you find autism-friendly tours

and hotels on Maui and the Big Island. All you need to do is contact me by clicking here and we can get a conversation started. To give you a few ideas of what is available on Maui and the Big Island, I thought I would share some of the best autism-friendly tours and hotels on the islands.

Autism Friendly Tours and Hotels on Maui and the Big Island

Autism Friendly Tours on Maui

There are numerous autism-friendly tours on the island of Maui. While an adaptive surf program may

not be an actual tour, I had to include it on this list. After all, one of the main reasons families like yours

visit the Hawaiian Islands is to venture out into the ocean to surf! Thankfully, you don’t need to skip this

amazing adventure if you have an autistic child. Instead, you can sign your child with autism up for one

of the multiple adaptive surfing programs on Maui.

Both you and your child can catch a wave while riding tandem, as the staff encourages you every step of the way. Each surfing destination for these programs has been carefully chosen, so you are in a true

beginner’s surfing environment. You will even be given an ergonomically shaped surfboard to make it

easier for your autistic child to use.

One of the most popular autism-friendly tours on Maui is visiting the Maui Ocean Center. Most autistic

children love animals. So, it isn’t surprising that an autism-friendly tour of this aquarium tops the list for

many autistic families. The Plexiglass Tunnel allows your family to be surrounded by swimming marine

life. Yet, it may be the Touching Tank that interests your children the most, because they can touch

different sea creatures.

Other autism-friendly tours on Maui include horseback riding, ATV rides, visiting country farms, and

whale watching. And if your autistic child loves helicopters, I can always book a helicopter tour.

Autism Friendly Hotels on Maui

There are many child-friendly hotels on Maui, but not all of them are autism-friendly. So, it is important

that we work together on what your family needs, so I can choose the best hotel for your family


Four Seasons Maui at Wailea is one of the resorts that are child-friendly, and also autism-friendly. The

daily kids’ programs and included beach gear ensure that your kids have fun. While you may need to be

hands-on throughout most of your vacation at this resort, you will still love the downtime that you will

get on occasion.

The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa offers an opportunity to spend time with flamingos and

penguins each day without having to leave the resort. The on-site water park will also be a favorite for

autistic children. And you will love knowing your children are being entertained at Camp Hyatt, while

you are enjoying a little downtime.

Autism Friendly Tours on the Big Island

Over on the Big Island, you have many of the same autism-friendly tours available that you would on the

island of Maui. Catamaran cruises are huge on this island, and it allows your autistic child to be out on

the water in a calm environment. Luaus, exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, whale watching,

dolphin watching, and sea turtle watching are a few other autism-friendly tours on the Big Island.

But one of your autistic child’s favorite tours might be snorkeling in the Red Hill area. Or manta ray

snorkeling over in Kona. The glass-bottom boat cruises are a lot of fun too. There are so many autism-friendly tours to choose from, but no worries! I have you covered. All you need to do is let me know

what your autistic child likes, and I will find an autism-friendly tour for your vacation on the Big Island.

Autism Friendly Hotels on the Big Island

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is one of the most autism-friendly hotels on the Big Island. Prior to

your arrival, you can request items to childproof your room to make it safer for your family. Of course,

the kids’ club will be a hit with your kids, and you, since you will get some much-needed downtime.

Time at the swimming pool doesn’t need to be overstimulating, especially since you can choose to take

a dip in the Keiki (children’s) Pool. And the wi-fi will come in handy when your autistic child wants to

watch their favorite show.

These are only some of the autism-friendly tours and hotels on Maui and the Big Island. Contact me

today by clicking here and we can get a conversation started on how I can plan an incredible vacation for your autistic family. I look forward to helping you make fantastic vacation memories with your family!

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