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Autism Support is Available for Your Family Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Have you ever wanted to take a family vacation, but didn’t because you couldn’t find enough autism support? As a mom to an autistic son, I understand how complicated it can seem to take a vacation. However, as a travel advisor who specializes in working with autistic families, I can tell you that autism support is becoming more available. This is especially true down in Myrtle Beach. This beach destination has long been a supporter of autistic families like yours. And they are continuing to do what they can to ensure all autistic families enjoy their vacation in Myrtle Beach. If you would like to plan a vacation in Myrtle Beach, contact me today.

Autism Support is Available for Your Family Vacation in Myrtle Beach

First, Myrtle Beach was the very first place to be designated as autism-friendly. Employees at numerous businesses in the area were trained on how to interact with families with autism. You will notice that training from the moment you arrive. Over at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, there is a quiet room near the baggage claim area. This is an excellent place to take an autistic child after a flight. The tranquility within the room will allow your autistic child to decompress after being around so many people on the plane and at the airport.

Myrtle Beach was also one of the very first places to utilize the CAN Card. This card was created for autistic families. Once you have your CAN Card, you can show it to participating businesses in Myrtle Beach, so they are aware you are traveling with a person with autism. At a restaurant, your CAN Card will allow you to be seated in a quieter area. Certain businesses will provide you with a discount. Others will provide special services. While the training and CAN Cards have been excellent first steps, Visit Myrtle Beach has not stopped finding new ways to help autistic families like yours. With the help of the Champion Autism Network (CAN) and TravelAbility,

Visit Myrtle Beach is expanding its autism awareness services.

The 3 New Initiatives by Visit Myrtle Beach
1. Sensory-Friendly Children’s BookThe first initiative

Visit Myrtle Beach is publishing a sensory-friendly children’s book. They partnered with Lynda Farrington, who is an author and illustrator. The fictional book will allow autistic families to discover the joy of family vacations. It will also go into detail about the different challenges autistic families face when it comes to new experiences and environments.

2. Creating a Sensory-Friendly Advisory Panel

Visit Myrtle Beach’s second initiative is creating a sensory-friendly advisory panel. This panel is being designed to ensure all autistic families understand that The Beach is for everyBODY. This advisory panel will include numerous experts. Some of those experts will be from the autism and sensory fields. Others will be people who have had direct experiencewith autistic people. The goal of this panel is to continue to increase the accessibility of Myrtle Beach. Regular meetings will be held beginning this summer.

3. Creating a Sensory-Friendly Pledge

The last initiative is creating a sensory-friendly pledge. The pledge is known as The Beach is for everyBODY. Local businesses will sign the pledge to show they understand why they should commit to welcoming guests with autism and other disabilities. Thebusinesses that do sign the pledge will need to make sure their employees have gone through autism awareness training. They should participate in the CAN Card, while ensuring their business offers inclusive spaces. These three initiatives will ensure every autistic family can have a wonderful time while taking a vacation in Myrtle Beach.

No family should have to avoid family vacations due to an autism diagnosis. Let me help you take a family vacation in Myrtle Beach. I can make all the arrangements for you and even make sure specific resources are in place. Contact me today and you will see how vacations are possible for all autistic families.

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