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Baby Care Centers and Lost Parents at Disney.

Out of all the things I love about Disney, the Baby Care Centers are hands down my favorite place.

I've been going to Disney since I was a child and that love for Disney has spilled over into adulthood. It is an experience I wanted to share with my children. Something that I wanted to share with my kids even if they wouldn't remember it. Although, I knew going to Disney could be a little bit of a challenge as a nursing mother. I am one of those nursing mother's that don't mind nursing in public but sometimes it's hotter than the Mohave Desert, so I'd like to find some air conditioning to retreat to. Thankfully for situations like this and when your little ones just need a little break Disney has you covered with the Baby Care Centers sponsored by Huggies.

Disney has the littlest members of your family fully in mind when visiting any of their parks. At all the parks to include the international parks, there is a Baby Care Center typically located near the entrance of the park. When planning a Disney Vacation with me I'll make you're well aware of the location of the Baby Care Center.

The use of the Baby Care Center is complimentary and the cast members that work there are the nicest in the entire park!

Feeding -

Nursing mothers will find private nursing rooms. The room is very clean with super comfortable rocking chairs to nurse your baby. I wouldn't say they are completely private as you will share a room with other nursing mothers. They did have all the chairs facing away from each other, possibly to give a bit of privacy and maybe to keep curious babies from popping off constantly to look at others in the room. There is no time limit to nursing your baby so feel free to take your time to nurse there. Additionally, there are plenty of electrical outlets to plug in a pump. I would highly advise however, if you need to pump more often and don't want to walk back to the Baby Care Center that you bring a battery operated pump with you.

***Please note there is no where to store your milk, so you'll have to bring a cooler with you and possibly stop back at your hotel room to stash your milk.***

Additionally, if you bottle-feed there is space to feed your baby you are more than welcome to use the private nursing room or you are welcome to feed your baby in a comfy chair the dining space. The only park that I've been to that seemed pretty cramped with space was the one at Disneyland. The Baby Care Center there was a little on the smaller side when comparing it to The Magic Kingdom or even it's sister park Disney's California Adventure.

If you are toddlers there are high chairs available if you wish to use them to feed your little ones there. The space is clean and inviting to allow you to feed your children in comfort and away from some of the over stimuli of the parks. If you need baby food, juice, or any over-the-counter medicine they have it there for purchase.

Changing -

There are multiple changing tables, with diapers, wipes, and baby care items. These are not your average Koala Care changing tables either, I would liken them to something that you would have at home. There is paper on the tables for sanitation purposes and trash cans right next to each table to toss soiled diapers. If you are running low on diapers and wipes, this is the place to pick some up! All your staple baby items are available for purchase to include diaper rash cream and sunscreen!

Take a beak -

This is also space if your kids need a break from the parks, but you don't want to leave, you can take them here to watch a little TV and cool off. The only Baby Care Center I noticed that didn't have that much space was the one at Disneyland. However, there is a nice spot that plays Disney programming all day long. There are little tables and chairs your kids can sit at to just chill out for a few moments before going back to all the fun!

Lost Parents -

Finally, this is the place to go to if your kids get lost. Know they are safe and they will be comforted and have some entertainment while they wait for you to come and retrieve them. If a lost child is found by a cast member in the parks they will escort them to the Baby Care center. On that same note if they are found in Disney Springs or Downtown Disney they will also be escorted inside the parks to the baby care center. Disney will make every effort to reach you if your child knows your contact details. Which personally, I suggest you help them to remember those details or you have it attached to them in some way, such as a tag or a safety temporary tattoo. Additionally, make children aware of what a cast member name tag looks like and what some of the uniforms look like. We tell our son to find the nearest cast member in the event he is lost and what to do to get in contact with us. As an added safety measure, I bring a battery charger with me so that my phone is always fully charged in the event my child gets lost and a cast member is trying to reach us. The Disney parks are large and nothing could be worse than losing your child there. Take a couple extra safety measure and know where the Baby Care Center / Lost Parents place is to ensure your next trip to any Disney park is your most amazing visit yet!

Finally, check out this video to see what the Baby Care Center at Disneyland looks like.

Have you used the Baby Care Centers at Disney what do you think of them?

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