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Best Autism Friendly Destinations in Asia

Asian countries are filled with history, different cultures, gorgeous landscapes, and foods many of us have never tried before. All those things should be part of the reasons why you want to take a vacation in this part of the world. Now, before you start saying there is no way you could possibly visit Asia with your autistic child, there is something you should know. I firmly believe that travel is for everyone. And over the years, I have learned how to travel to destinations like these with my autistic son. Therefore, I know you can take a vacation in Asia with your autistic family. Contact me and I will help make it possible!

I always want people to enjoy every minute of their vacations. This is why I sat down to determine where the best autism-friendly destinations in Asia. I knew that having this information readily available would help you, as you start to imagine a family vacation over in this part of the world.

Best Autism Friendly Destinations in Asia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a dream vacation destination for many people. But did you know it is a wonderful place to take autistic children? The sparkling water is perfect for those children who love to spend their time swimming. There are quite a few beaches to choose from while taking a vacation in Bali. I recommend checking out Sanur, Jimbaran, and Nusa. Other water-friendly options in Bali include the Waterbom Bali Park and Splash Water Park. Each one of these parks has water slides, as well as water areas for swimming or hanging out. No one in your family will be able to resist a ride down the Lazy River at Waterbom.

If you want to have a little fun outside of the water, you have so many options in Bali. The tranquility within the Elephant Safari Park will have everyone in your family relaxed. During your visit, you can explore the museum and watch the elephants in their natural habitats. There are even elephant encounters for those families who want to spend one on one time with an elephant. The Bali Bird Park is another area of Bali autistic families will enjoy. There are many different types of birds living at this park. During your time at the park, you can watch numerous bird shows, as well as feedings.


Singapore is an excellent destination for autistic families. The area is quite safe, and they have an excellent subway system. The subway makes it simple to get to all the attractions you want to see during your visit. Once you add in the fact that almost everyone speaks English, you can understand why this Asian country tops the list of vacation destinations for many families.

There is so much to see and do in Singapore. Therefore, you should never expect to accomplish everything in just one visit. I recommend you choose the activities and attractions you want to do and see the most. As your travel advisor, I can then create an itinerary that will work best for your autistic family. One of the more popular attractions in Singapore is the S.E.A. Aquarium. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The exhibits include more than one hundred thousand marine animals. Your family can see them all in between the interactive programs you attend. There is even an option to have an animal encounter.

Animal lovers will also love heading over to the Mandai Night Safari. The night safari is currently held on Thursdays through Sundays. Visitors are allowed to walk along the pathways to see the animals. However, as an autistic family, you may prefer the convenience of the tram. Less walking will equal more time to see all the animals, as well as the special nighttime shows.

Another option for your vacation in Singapore is visiting Universal Studios Singapore. Everyone in your family will love this theme park. You will notice some similarities to the Universal Studios’ parks in the US. However, there is one difference. This Universal Studios does not offer a pass for guests who have a disability. Unfortunately, Asian countries haven’t embraced the fact that the disabled community needs a little extra assistance at times. So, you may find yourself relying on your own resources during your time at Universal Studios. Although, most of the time, if you speak to the ride operators and tell them your situation, they usually will offer assistance.

Phuket, Thailand

Most of Thailand is quite family-friendly. And yet, I recommend you choose Phuket as your vacation destination of choice. There are plenty of family-friendly beaches in this part of the country. You will also find a wide variety of child-friendly things to do. You might want to begin your adventures over at the Phuket Aquarium. It isn’t as large as the S.E.A. Aquarium I mentioned above. But your family will still love exploring the nine different zones. Each zone is filled with marine life from around the world. And on those days you want to be in the water without being at the beach, I recommend visiting the Splash Jungle Waterpark. This park contains water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a family raft ride. And the kids’ Aqua Play Pool is perfect for when the kids want to be in the water, and you want to relax off to the side.

Kyoto, Japan

Most people think of Kyoto as a destination filled with temples and shrines. And it is. However, this area of Japan also has plenty of playgrounds, open spaces, and gaming centers. The Imperial Palace Park is one of the best playgrounds. Oh, and did I mention anime??

If you have an autistic child who loves anime, Kyoto might be the perfect option for your next family vacation! I recommend adding the Toei Movie Studio Park and Manga Museum to your itinerary for anime lovers. Train lovers will want to visit the Railway Museum. And it is all about ninjas at the Samurai and Ninja Museum. One of the best things about Kyoto though is many of the larger establishments have elevators. So, as long as your autistic child does not mind riding in one, you won’t need to walk up and down as many stairs.

While on vacation in Japan, you may want to venture over to Osaka and go to Universal Studios. This Universal Studios does offer a Guest Support Pass to those guests with disabilities. However, that pass can only be obtained by people who have a Japan Disability ID. This is another instance where you will need to speak with the ride attendants and share information with them about what your autistic child may need. You can also request a Support Book, upon your arrival. This book contains a special map that shows different resources that may be helpful to your family during your visit.

These are the best autism-friendly destinations in Asia. However, if you have another destination at the top of your list, I can plan a vacation there for you as well. Contact me today and let’s talk about how I can make your next vacation the best one you have had so far. I’ll take care of all the planning and all you need to do is enjoy time with your family during your time away from home.

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