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Dina Farmer: Meet The Podcasters | Travmarket Media Network

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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I'm so pleased to announce I've changed the name of my podcast to the Special Needs Travel Podcast. I wanted to help more families directly and to be completely clear and transparent about my message.

I can't believe we are entering season 2 of my podcast and I have a lot of exciting things coming your way that I cannot wait to share! There are so many guests and topics we are going to talk about from autism travel, accessible travel, gluten-free travel, and traveling with a chronic illness I can't wait to share them with you! Check out this bonus episode about the launch of season 2!

Hi, I’m Dina Farmer, Founder of Lily and Magnolia Travel and the Special Needs Travel Podcast. And I’m here to introduce you to my podcast. Traveling with kids of any age can be difficult, and traveling with special needs adds even more challenges. With those challenges comes frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed thinking about all that travel planning. Very often work, school, therapy appointments, and swim lessons suck up all of our time in planning family vacations. By the time we start our vacation, we’re absolutely exhausted! We might even feel a little guilty to miss a therapy or two! This is why I started Special Needs Travel, to help special needs families travel the world more easily. As the mother of a child with autism, I understand the unique challenges make traveling a bit tricky. It shouldn’t be stressful to plan a vacation and with my help, it won’t be. I’m a Certified Autism Travel Professional and I help families with special needs and travel agents navigate the unique challenges of traveling with special needs so they can best support their clients and so that these same clients have an amazing time on their vacation. This means that I will be talking about a variety of special needs that travel agents should consider when working with a client with special needs. I have guests coming up on this podcast that will share their experiences as travelers and discuss how a travel agent can meet their needs when they work together to plan a vacation.

I believe travel is for learning, exploring, and strengthening family bonds, but sometimes it can do quite the opposite. On this podcast, I will be exploring these challenges and talking about how to help reduce stress during planning a family vacation, especially for a family with special needs. I want you to help your clients to solidify family bonds and create joy-filled memories that minimize the stress of traveling. Travel is for everyone no matter their ability and with just a few considerations anyone should be able to get out of their normal everyday life and explore the world as a family.

Subscribe to the podcast, leave a review and I’ll see you real soon for episode 1 - Traveling while Pregnant!

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