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DAS Updates

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Disney has always tried their best at making its parks inclusive and welcoming for everyone. While their Guest Assistance Card Program has worked well for many years, there were many people who were abusing the system. Therefore, Disney has decided to make some changes to ensure the people who need assistance the most are getting the best experience when visiting any of the parks.

One of the biggest changes you will see is there is pre-arrival registration and planning via a live video chat. You can schedule this video chat with a cast member up to thirty days in advance of your visit. This video chat is the best time to take advantage of the new DAS Advanced Planning Option. With this option, you can select as many as two experiences per day. The experiences have a one-hour window that cannot be modified. However, that will never interfere with you going to get your return times.

The entire video chat will be quite similar to what you experience at Guest Services at the park. All your concerns will be discussed and the person who requires the DAS will have their picture taken. If the person who requires the DAS is under the age of 18, their parent or legal guardian will need to be present for the video chat.

I recommend you plan your live video chat early enough, so the experiences you want are not booked. Plus, all advanced selections must be booked at least two days prior to the day of your visit. There is no option to make any selections when you arrive at the park when you utilize DAS Advance.

The Same-Day DAS Return Time is being changed as well. Before you would need to walk all the way to the experience or a kiosk to get a return time from a cast member. This new program allows you to make all your return time selections directly from the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit. Simply arrive at the experience at your return time, or shortly after, and enter through “Lightning Lane”. Remember, you can only have one return time and won’t be able to get any other return times until you use the active one you have.

There are a few experiences where you cannot use the DAS and DAS Advance. Basically, you cannot use this feature for any virtual queues like ROTR, Remy, and WEB Slingers.

While these changes will be a timesaver for many of you, I want you to also know that you can still take advantage of the DAS services like you used to. That means you can still go to Guest Services when you arrive at the park and receive your return times from each experience.

It is important to note that Disney has updated their language for the usage of DAS. Anyone caught abusing the DAS system will be banned from using it for life.

I can’t wait to see how much easier it is to visit Disney parks with my son now. Instead of walking to an attraction to receive a return time, I can simply pull up the My Disney Experience app after we've surrendered our return time and get another one right away!

What are you most excited about with these DAS updates??

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