Understanding The Disability Access Service at Disney

Updated: 21 hours ago

I've said time and again Disney understands very well that they have guests that visit their parks with so many different levels of accessibility. Each guest experience is unique and Disney, in particular, is very accommodating when help guests with special needs to enjoy the parks just like anyone else. With this in mind, Disney did have to make some changes to their original Disability Access Service. Guests were, unfortunately, taking advantage of the original service, which acted in essence like a front of the line pass for DAS guests. Due to the fraudulent misuse of the service, Disney had to step in and make changes that made this service fair for everyone.

In this podcast episode, I wanted to share information about the DAS service and how it can make everyone in your party's day that little more magical. If you are considering a vacation to Disney please let me know in advance about any special needs or disabilities so that I can address it with Disney and ensure I book you an accessible room if you need it and guide you more in-depth on what to do at Disney to make your day a little more magical.

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Disney's Offical Statement about the DAS.

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