Sensory Kids Guide: Navigate Disney with SPD!

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My on my podcast today is Beth Roberts owner of Sensory Kids Guide.

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Beth Roberts started Sensory Kids Guide after a particularly difficult visit to Disney World with her children, one being diagnosed with Asperger's/High Functioning Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Since the diagnosis, they have navigated the new world of occupational therapy, neuropsychologists, help within schools, and home behavioral therapy. After that specific family vacation, Beth knew she couldn't be the only one needing a little extra help with traveling with a sensory child, especially in the happiest place on earth! What should have been a fun and exciting vacation, turned into a heartbreaking account of a sensory child's overstimulation and break down. Beth is passionate about helping others overcome roadblocks in travel and everyday life, all based on trial and error! This journey has started specifically with Disney but will be expanding to travel to other parks, locations, and international adventures!

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