All Access Disney! What you need to know about all things Accessible at Disneyland!

Updated: Sep 27

Angela created her website to help people with disabilities and special needs (like herself) plan and achieve the best Disneyland trip possible. After all, Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!

However, if you have some sort of “disability”, you may feel as though much of the world around you is not equipped or prepared to handle your unique needs.

Well, in this episode Angela shares valuable information about traveling to Disneyland to ease your worries and provide insight into the inclusive environment Disneyland offers for your magical vacationing needs and pleasure!

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If you are ready to plan a trip to Disneyland or elsewhere head on over to my website and let's chat about planning your next family vacation!  I've got you covered to make sure all your accessibility needs are as met as they can be!


I help families with special needs navigate the unique challenges presented when traveling so they can experience a memorable and magical vacation.

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