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Gluten-Free Travel Tips!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Gluten Free Travel - Special Needs Travel an image of gluten free food options on a dinner table.

I'm so thrilled and honored to have LaShawn Wiltz back on the podcast. If you remember previously she talked about her experience with going gluten-free at Disney and now she shares about her experience about traveling gluten-free and with food allergies with her son Pookah. I found this so informative and filled with so many tips and tricks to help you figure to how best to meet your needs while traveling gluten-free. If you are thinking about planning a trip soon and have concerns about traveling gluten-free let's chat about how I can help you plan and book an unforgettable able vacation all while meeting your unique needs!

Listen to the episode of Gluten Free Travel on the Special Needs Travel Podcast!

Some tips to Travel Gluten Free!

From this interview with LaShawn, I was inspired to do a little digging into Gluten Free Travel to help you get out there and travel better!

1. Plan your transit food

Plan ahead and think of the food you'd normally eat that will keep you full during transit. Unfortunately, sometimes airports and other areas of transport don't always have the best food options when it comes to Gluten Free or allergy-friendly. Plan to pack your own food to make sure you have safe food you can eat during your journey to your destination. If you’re flying, just remember to pack any liquids (including salad dressings) in a TSA-approved 3.4oz or less container.

2. Pack a variety of snacks

Whole fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges travel really well and are also great for keeping your kids well feed too during your journey. Bringing along some homemade trail mix will also keep your tummy well nourished!

3. Book a gluten-free meal with the airline

I do have a nut allergy so the very first thing I always do before checking to make sure there is an autism-friendly flight is to ensure we can eat on the plane. I always request special meals for my sons and me. An autism-friendly meal for my son which is typically a pescatarian meal, a toddler meal for my youngest son, and a nut free diabetic meal for me. There are other options too which is great. So, if you have a long haul this would be a great idea to book this in advance.

4. Speak in restaurant speak

When at home it's common to say things like "I'm gluten-free" or "I have celiac". However, sometimes that doesn't work overseas. So, in this case, use terms like "I'm allergic to gluten such as wheat, barley, etc." This way you can explain what you can and cannot eat.

Gluten-Free with apples and an apple butter with cinnamon and nutmeg.

5. Stick to naturally gluten-free foods

You know what you can eat and what is and isn't gluten-free so keep to those foods like rice, vegetable salads, proteins without breading, etc. Your stomach will thank you later!

6. Request a microwave and/or mini-fridge

Most hotels have a microwave and mini-fridge in them but if they don't then when you are working with me and you let me know you have a gluten allergy or intolerance and I'll make sure a friend and microwave are in the room for you. Sometimes there is a small fee such as $10 for the duration of your stay but it's better to pay for that smaller amount than to pay later with your health.

7. Book accommodations with a kitchen

There are hotel accommodations with a kitchen in them. This is a great option if you are overly concerned about your food and I can for sure recommend grocery delivery services.

8. Travel more slowly

The more I travel, the more I appreciate slow travel. Instead of visiting five cities with meals packed in with tons of tours and food to eat, I’ll now visit one or two cities and then I'll keep the activities down to only a couple of things each day. This reduces your chances of getting gluten and you get to take a lot more time to get to know a location rather than go, go, go!

Do you have any tips to add?

Also, LaShawn went over this app but I really feel the need to emphasize that you should download the Find Me Gluten App to find places that can meet your needs!

LaShawn Wiltz, the creator of Everyday Eyecandy where she blogs about motherhood, her life, her passion for capturing everyday moments through photography, and trying to find her version of balance through it all. She was the 2017 Mom 2.0 Summit IRIS Award winner for Best Instagram, 2018 for Best Photography, and 2019 for Best Sponsored Content. LaShawn is also VERY passionate about helping everyone live their best Instagram life. Based in Atlanta, GA, you can find LaShawn on Instagram, capturing the beauty in life’s everyday moments, documenting her days as a wife and mom with half-finished coffee in one hand and her camera in the other.

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  • - A app to help you find gluten-free options around you.

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