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Looking for an Amazing One-of-a-Kind Family Vacation this Year? Consider an Autistic Vacation Home.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Traveling with an autistic child can create a few difficult scenarios, especially when it comes to staying at hotels and resorts. The other guests and noises can cause issues for a person who is sensitive to crowds and certain sounds. If you have been trying to find an amazing one-of-a-kind family vacation, I would recommend considering a vacation home for your accommodations. You can visit the destination of your dreams and yet have the cozy at-home quiet time your autistic child prefers.

The best part is that vacation homes can be used for any time of the year. Looking to travel during Spring Break? You can find a vacation home! Planning a holiday vacation with extended family? Vacation homes are perfect for those trips! Looking to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of real life? You can do just that when you consider renting a vacation home!

While there are so many vacation home rentals around the world, I have a couple that are perfect for autistic families like yours. These two vacation homes were designed for autistic families, so you are guaranteed to have everything your child needs and requires during your time away from home!

Two Autistic Vacation Homes for Autistic Families Looking for an Amazing One-of-a-Kind Family Vacation this Year


Autxcapes is a fabulous vacation home located in Yucca Valley, California. This luxurious hideaway is the perfect place to unwind as a family. And yet, you can still enjoy the nearby outdoor areas. Joshua Tree National Park is approximately seven minutes away and the Yucca Valley main town is five minutes from this home.

Each room is being carefully designed with the needs of autistic families in mind. While the kitchen inside Autxcapes is top of the line, you won’t need to cook when you feel like a night off is in order during your family vacation. Frontier Café can be found in town and they use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. They also cater to special dietary needs, so feel free to check with them about any special food requests your autistic child has.

Piece of Mind Retreat

The Piece of Mind Retreat is a vacation home that is located at Kahakai Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii. This autism-friendly vacation home can be found within a gated community, which is perfect for keeping everyone safe. You will arrive at this vacation home in the Kona District of Hawaii in as little as twenty minutes after retrieving your luggage from the baggage area at the airport.

The living room area is spacious and is surrounded by three bedrooms. While the inside is nice, you will find yourself spending most of your time outside on three-quarters of an acre of property. The private pool and fountains will keep you cool, while the fruit trees in the garden will keep you fed when you are hungry between meals. Add the volleyball sand court and fire pit and you won’t need to leave your home away from home for anything!

However, the neighborhood park is located a few steps across the street. And family-friendly beaches and restaurants are only a fifteen-minute drive from the Piece of Mind Retreat. This ensures you can easily reach your vacation home in no time at all if your family needs a little downtime in the middle of the day.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, so why not embrace that village when you are planning your next family vacation? Choose to work with a travel advisor like me to take away the overwhelm you are feeling. Since there is not a one size fits all vacation for any family, you will love how I customize your vacation for your family’s needs.

While these vacation homes are designed for autistic families, you may feel there is another vacation home out there that fits your needs better. If that is the case, I will search until I find the perfect vacation home for your next family vacation. You will never need to settle for second best when I am your travel advisor!

Are you ready to book a vacation home for your next family vacation? If you are, I would love to invite you to set up a planning session with me by clicking here. This link will take you directly to my digital calendar, where you can set up a convenient time for us to meet.

And if you are not quite ready to plan your next family vacation, you can sign up for my newsletter here. Signing up will ensure you stay up to date with all the travel information I share in the future!

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