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Travel the world from home!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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I know we can't travel right now, but the world is slowly reopening. While the whole world is slowly getting back to some sort of normal right now you maybe, like I was, looking for ways to entertain your kids!

I have a really fun solution for you!

We have been subscribers to the Koala Crate for several years and my oldest son finally graduated to the Kiwi Crate! We used the Kiwi Crate for three boxes before I realized that while mentally my son is able to understand HOW the STEAM activities worked. It was very frustrating for him to do the finger and hand dexterity to put the items in the crate together. I saw via the Kiwi Co website that there is an Atlas Crate. This was a crate that I SHOULD have subscribed to in the first place when my son graduated to the Kiwi Crate cause I know in his heart of hearts just like his mama he loves the world. He wants to learn more about it and when we homeschooled his favorite subject was geography and he frequently studies maps as well as Google Maps on my phone. He has/had a particular love of Mexico and has been begging me to plan a trip to Talum or any of the Aztec ruins to check them out. Remembering back to his love of culture and the world I decided to make the switch to the Atlas Crate.

So what is the Atlas Crate?

The Atlas Crate is designed to develop an appreciation for other cultures and the world. It has a heavy emphasis on geography and maps while still incorporating the fun of STEAM concepts. It is really hands-on crate delivered, with your child's name on it, right to your front door! The theme of the crate changes each month. You can check on the Kiwi Co website what the theme of the crate will be but they won't reveal what is in the crate until after the crates have shipped!

What do we think of the Atlas Crate?

At the time of this posting, we've gotten two Atlas Crates! My oldest son has really enjoyed listening to the stories of the two characters Anya and Milo. Some of the projects are still a little bit too tough for him but that's more due to him being autistic rather than it being too challenging. I love that each box includes two crafts or STEM activities in the box. My son especially loves the recipes that come from the country we are learning about. For instance, this month learned to make cream puffs from France.

With this in mind, you don't have to get the Atlas Crate and Kiwi Crate has a variety of options for all kids and the big kids too!

My youngest son does the Koala Crate and thankfully most of the activities in that crate come premade and we can get right to playing with the activities right away!

Travel the world with the Atlas Crate!

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