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Traveling with a Child with Autism

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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Traveling With A Child Diagnosed With Autism: Two moms share their tips, trials and even blunders in discovering successful ways to make family travel work with a child with autism.

On today’s episode we aim to encourage you to take your child with autism and give them, and the rest of your family, the gift of travel.  As you may have heard on past episodes of the Special Needs Travel Podcast, there a many options and many that cater to persons with autism.  There are retreats and even entire cities that want to help you and your child with autism enjoy and explore together.  I invite you to explore those past episodes of Special Needs Travel Podcast and even to let me know what you think.  I also welcome your input and resources for travel with children diagnosed with autism.

I’m so thrilled to have, Marguita Arletter, a mom I’ve been following on Instagram, on the podcast.  Marquita Arlette has a daughter with autism.   Her daughter’s autism diagnosis didn’t stop her from traveling to Southeast Asia and beyond.  Her story and her travels are inspirational to me. They made me realize, as a mother with a child with autism, that our travels don’t have to stop because my son was diagnosed with autism!  Instead, we change the narrative of our travels.  We make accommodations for my autistic son to give him the space to seek sensory, moments of quiet, a little electronics, and tons of fun exploring the world and getting his 1000 questions answered.   Once you hear her story and how it’s possible to travel the world with autistic children you’ll be ready to get on the road with your family!  

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Marquita Arlette:

I am an IBCCES Certified Autism Travel Professional, digital storyteller, photographer, and content creator for Tribe on a Quest. My mission over the past 7 years has been to show families that adventure doesn’t have to end when you enter parenthood or receive a special-needs diagnosis. I aim to inspire and empower people and families to show up authentically while navigating unfamiliar spaces that are not traditionally occupied by people of color and tell their stories!  Marquita has a passion for exploration, learning, and capturing unique stories that highlight families of color & special needs travelers. Her platform focuses on topics related to travel, parenting, Autism/SPD/ADHD, world schooling, and of August 2020 Full-time RV living!  

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