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Traveling with an adult with autism

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The travel and tourism industry focuses a lot on the caregivers of small children with autism and children with autism but we often forget that those small children someday turn into adults with autism. We have to remember that autism doesn't disappear once the child with autism matures into an adult with autism. More most certainly needs to be done to better support adults with autism as well. There are still accommodations that need to be met.

Such as quiet spaces, simple things like weighted blankets in hotel rooms and so much more. We have to remember that these adults are, hopefully, going to be inspired to travel by their families. With this in mind, I talk with Rochelle Sanchez about traveling with her brother, an adult with autism, and the challenges and changes that are coming to the travel industry that extends help to all with special needs.

Rochelle Sanchez is a business consultant Teaching travel-hungry nerds & coaches to monetize your talent, create an #onlinecommunity, and revive fizzled #FacebookGroups.

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