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Universal Studios VIP Tour

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Universal Studios is home to some major attractions that truly immerse guests into the magic of movies. It is home to the highly popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The opening of this world made the parks even more popular than they ever were before. The last time I visited the parks I had so much fun attempting to ride as many rides as I could. However, the fun was quickly dashed due to the fact the crowd levels were unmanageable and I didn't think to purchase the Express Pass to help me get a place saved at the front of the line. During the high season, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the parks when you go without even the Express Pass. As such, I recommend my clients visit the parks in style and forget about the hassle, the lines, and even waiting for food.

How do you visit the parks in style you ask?


By booking a VIP Tour at Universal Studios.

When you work with me feel at ease knowing I'm going to help you make this Universal Studios vacation a stress-free one. With the VIP Tour, you get a ton of perks.

The first major perk is a separate entrance to Universal Studios. You'll meet up with your tour guide at a special entrance. This is where they'll give you your lanyards, measure your kid's heights and provide a complimentary stroller for any kids that might still need one!

After check-in, you'll be treated to breakfast that is reserved for VIP tour guests only. This means there's NO ONE ELSE in the restaurant with you. You'll truly enjoy a meal alone in the air conditioning. I mean what could be better in a theme park full of people?

With breakfast finished you'll enter the parks and get to riding all the rides. The best part is...

There is no wait for you!

Unlike Disney, if you need to use the rider swap option you'll be treated to an air-conditioned waiting room with a TV to entertain the little one while you wait for the rest of your group to finish riding the ride. Universal does this better than Disney and truly considers the littlest guests and doesn't ask them to wait in the elements while waiting for everyone else to enjoy their fun ride. This reason alone it might be a reason to choose Universal over Disney when considering theme parks!

The VIP Tour guide will take you to all the hidden entrances for rides to ensure that you don't have to wait. Often, you'll be able to ride a ride of your choosing multiple times. So, if you love all things Harry Potter then you'll be able to ride any of those rides as many times as you wish.

After a morning of riding rides, you'll be treated to another complimentary lunch. Truly another VIP experience with no other guests dining with you.

You'll continue to be treated to an afternoon of rides and fun of your choosing.

To wrap up the day and say goodbye to your VIP tour guide you'll be treated to another meal reserved just for VIP guests.

Overall the experience with the VIP tour at Universal Studios is truly unique and makes you feel as though you are a true VIP. You do get special treatment on the tour and it does come with the bells and whistles of what you paid for. This is a way to experience the Universal Studios Parks and have fun with no wait in any lines at all.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's plan your first or next vacation to Universal Studios!

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