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Visit Autism Friendly Puerto Rico for Your Next Family Vacation

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Have you always wanted to explore the history of Puerto Rico? What about standing on the soft sandy beaches or wandering through the lush thick forests? The culture is like no other in Puerto Rico too. It will add to your excitement when you take the time to visit autism-friendly Puerto Rico for your next family vacation.

This island is quite diverse, and I can’t wait to help you explore as much of it as possible during your time away from home. You can contact me to learn more about how I can plan your vacation in Puerto Rico. Visit Autism-Friendly Puerto Rico for Your Next Family VacationThere are many autism-friendly attractions and activities in Puerto Rico. Thankfully, you can choose the ones that will interest your family the most. If you need help with this, I can offer suggestions during our planning session.

Explore Old San Juan

I usually recommend exploring Old San Juan when you are on vacation in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is filled with colorful facades, blue cobblestone streets, and lots of culture. Your family will find themselves walking past centuries-old buildings and historical churches. One of the best ways to learn about them all is to take one of the walking tours that are available.

There are quite a few colorful murals that have been created in alleyways and on the streets in Old San Juan. In between spotting murals, you can shop in the local stores. This is also an excellent place to grab a bite to eat in a locally-owned restaurant. If your family loves cats, you will find plenty of strays in Old San Juan. Most of them are friendly and they all have their vaccinations. So, you can pet and play with them for as long as you like.

Kayak and Swim in a Bioluminescent Bay

Finding a bioluminescent bay in the US is not easy. And yet, there are three of them in Puerto Rico! The best one for families is La Parguera. This is the only bay out of the three that will allow you to swim in the water too. It is one thing to see the greenish-blue glow of the water move along with your kayaks. But swimming in the water, while watching movement takes this experience to the next level.

Hike the Trails in El Yunque National Forest

There are multiple hiking trails within this rainforest in Puerto Rico. The most autistic-friendly trail is la Mina Trail. This trail follows a river before ending at a shallow natural pool complete with a waterfall.

If you don’t want to hike the trails within this rainforest, I can book a water adventure there for you. There is an area that contains natural waterslides. Your family will love the rope swing over the natural pools, as well as the natural rock waterslides that lead to those pools. There are even a few small cliffs you can all jump from.

Swim at the Beach

Most autistic children love the water. If this is your child, you know you will be spending at least part of your vacation in Puerto Rico at the beach. All the beaches in Puerto Rico are public beaches. So, you can visit any of them, even if you are not staying at the hotel where a beach is located. You can easily check out a few different beaches and then spend your time at the one you feel is best for your family.

Explore a Few Caves

Puerto Rico happens to have the third-largest cave system in the world. All tours of the Rio Camuy Cave are child friendly. The paths are all well-defined too. Your autistic family will love seeing all the stalactites and stalagmites during your time in the cave. If you want to see more caves in Puerto Rico, you have options. I recommend Cueva del Indio and Cueva Ventana. I can easily arrange for a tour of both those caves for your family.

Go Ziplining

If your autistic child is up for an adrenaline rush, you can take them ziplining in Puerto Rico. There are different ziplining locations all over this island. Toro Negro offers a glimpse of the tallest rainforest in Puerto Rico. Toro Verde offers the second-longest zipline in the world. Don’t worry, there are shorter ziplines within El Yunque National Forest. Those are perfect if your family is just starting out with ziplining adventures.

Go for a Bike Ride

One of the best ways to explore the different areas of Puerto Rico is by bike. You can ride along the city streets as a family. Or you can head out to the wilderness on the trails within the parks. You may even want to tackle the Aguadilla Coast Trail. It is the longest route on the island. If you have always thought Puerto Rico was not on the list for vacations for your autistic family, now you know you were wrong.

These are only some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico for an autistic family. There are plenty of others, so do not think your itinerary must include just these things. I would love to help you plan your next vacation in autism-friendly Puerto Rico. Contact me to set up a planning session today and let me make your vacation dreams come true.

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