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Why you should consider Travel Insurance

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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With the current pandemic there have never been so many cancellations on flights and vacation packages since September 11th. Many travelers were stranded, stuck on hold for several days and lost thousands of dollars due to not buying travel insurance. I've personally been guilty of not buying travel insurance in past and took my chances with my medical insurance provider. Thankfully, before my most recent trip Turkey I decided on a whim to buy travel insurance because we'd be gone for so long. I came down with a medical problem that thankfully would resolve itself before the end of my trip BUT I was really worried days leading up to my trip that I wouldn't be able to go due to this medical problem. I had the insurance and called my travel insurance company just to confirm what would and wouldn't be covered for my trip especially because my doctor could have decided the day before I flew out that I couldn't travel. Thankfully, he cleared me to fly and I was able to see a Turkish doctor when my issue flared up and required just a little more rest during my trip.

Now more than ever travel insurance is one of the most important things you can buy to protect your trip. I can send you a quote when you work with me but even if you go through something like your bank or another entity please regardless of how much your vacation is purchase travel insurance!

I honestly would rather you never use your travel insurance policy but in the event that something does come up such as the recent pandemic or a health emergency you are covered. This protects you, protects your trip, and ensures that if something happens while you are traveling you are covered. You have the comfort of knowing that you can receive treatment or you will be able to get MEDEVAC home if need be.

I highly recommend that you protect your vacation with a travel insurance policy. The cruise lines, airlines, hotels, resorts, and tour operators all charge penalties for cancellation; these penalties may range from the full deposit to no refund at all. Delays, baggage loss or damage, and unforeseen trip interruptions are all potential negative impacts to your vacation plans. Another important fact to keep in mind is that most health insurance policies will not cover you when you are out of the country. Your Travel Insurance may protect you in the following areas:

· Trip Cancellation

· Trip Delay

· Trip Interruption

· Missed Connection

· Baggage Loss, Theft or Damage

· Baggage Delay

· Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses

· Emergency Medical Transportation

· 24/7 Hotline Assistance

I'd be happy to discuss options for you as far as covering your trip. Do you already have a vacation planned but you don't know where to start as far as travel insurance goes? Reach out to me and I'd be happy to send you some options to best protect your trip. Remember more than anything I want you to have a fantastic vacation. I want you to be safe and be protected even if you never have to use your travel insurance, you never know when it might be most needed. I'm here as always if you have any questions!

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