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My mission, as a mother of a special needs child, is to help alleviate the stress and time required to plan the most amazing vacation for you and those in your family with special needs.


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Sprinkling Pixie Dust for a Magical Vacation

Vacations Aren't A Luxury,

They're a


We live in a world where busy is a constant. We rush to work, to get the kids to school, to get the house clean, to make a healthy dinner.


It's exhausting! And worse, it's unsustainable. 


The good news is here at Lily and Magnolia Travel, there is a solution to all the busy that allows you to recharge your batteries and connect on a deeper level with your family - vacations.


Great vacations bring families together in a unique and memorable way like nothing else can.

Isn't it time you went on a vacation that was magical, memorable, and priceless?


Hi, I'm Dina! 

I'm a coffee-loving travel fanatic who has been with the military my entire life. I know first hand how important traveling is for you and your family. With a child with special needs and a free-spirited toddler, our time vacationing around the world has been some of the most magical experiences we have ever had as a family. 

And because I am a bit of a travel geek, I know exactly how to help you build your dream vacation without breaking the bank and always keeping your family's needs at the forefront. 

Ready to get started? 

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