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We live in a world where being busy is constant. We rush to work, to get the kids to school, to get the house clean, to make a healthy dinner, to take our kids from occupational therapy to speech therapy and the list goes on.


It's exhausting! And worse, it's unsustainable. 


I have been through this, too. With rushing my oldest son to school, picking him up in the middle of the school day to take him to a therapy appointment and then off to swim lessons at the end of the day only to run home and try to cook a 30-minute meal to feed everyone before we crash for the night and start a new the next day. The good news is with Lily and Magnolia Travel, there is a solution that allows you to recharge your batteries and connect on a deeper level with your family — that solution is vacations.

When you travel with a loved one with special needs there is another level of complexity that makes it seem impossible to travel.  What about therapy appointments?  What about their routine?  Will you be able to take medical equipment with you?  How can you help them while on vacation?  Are there places in the world that are accommodating to people with special needs?  It’s a lot to navigate. 


What if I told you that you don’t have to do this alone? That I can help you plan and book a memorable and magical vacation that meets the needs of everyone in your family.  I’m a Certified Autism Travel Professional and a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate.  This means that I work with travel suppliers that are supportive, friendly, and accommodating of all special needs, regardless of the requirement.  I keep you and your family’s needs at the forefront by putting together a vacation that takes into consideration your desires while maximizing relaxation and fun for everyone. 


Travel brings families together in a unique and memorable way to strengthen your connections.

Isn't it time you went on a vacation that is magical and memorable for everyone?

Specializing in joyful travel experiences for special needs families.

Travel is for everyone.


Aloha, I'm Dina! 

I am a mother of two wonderful and free-spirited little boys.  I am a spouse of an active duty service member. I understand how life can put your travel plans on the back burner or make traveling financially difficult. 

When my oldest son was diagnosed with autism, I thought our travels were over.  It wasn’t until he asked me to plan a trip to the National Mall in Washington, DC that I realized that we could still travel the world with some modifications to how we travel.    

Vacation planning can be overwhelming, and sometimes scary if you’re planning a visit to a place you’ve never been to on your own.  With my help, it doesn’t have to be. Let me help you create memories with your family that are long-lasting and worthy of your very precious family time.

​Let’s start planning your next memorable and magical vacation.


Tropical Leaves

"Dina was fantastic at really getting to know our family and our current situation to make sure that this vacation was as great as could be for us!  She was incredibly personable and easy to talk to every step of the way."


Tropical Leaves

"Dina helped with the planning and logistics of the trip. Tips and talking through what to expect of Disney and things to stay away from."

Tropical Leaves

"Dina was amazing to work with! She was so helpful and communicated every step of the way. I usually plan all our trips myself and it was so nice having someone help. This was our first cruise and having Dina's guidance allowed us to just enjoy the vacation rather than worry about the details.."


- KIM W.

A Certified Autism Travel Professional:

A Certified Accessible Travel Advocate:


I help families with special needs navigate the unique challenges presented when traveling so they can experience a memorable and magical vacation.

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