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Purple Skies

Plan Your Trip

My goal at Lily and Magnolia Travel is to help you plan the perfect vacation for your family no matter what.

Hot air balloons all over the sky.  There are the fairy tunnels of Cappadocia Turkey in front.

Plan Your Trip

I became an advocate for autism travel after my oldest son was diagnosed with autism.  As an IBCCES Certified Autism Travel Professional, I can make traveling across the country and even across the globe a breeze!  Allow me to take care of all the planning and booking so that all you have to do is decide what you'd like to pack. I even provide a packing list!

A pink and purple sunset with waves crashing on the shore.


If we agree to work together, to create an experience that meets your needs, I require a fee for consultation, research, and itinerary development.  An invoice of $200 for trips up to 14 days and $400 for trips 15 days in length or longer will be sent to you after our initial phone consultation and then I will send you the initial proposal based on the information you gave me. 

Please fill out this form so I can help you plan and book an autism-friendly family vacation!

Before you fill out the form a quick FAQ about working with me!


Can I book with points when working with you?

There is currently no way to use points to book with a Travel Agent. You are free to book your flights with points, but I do require that hotel or hotel/car bookings be done through me if we are working together. If we enter into a service agreement and you decide to book on your own (excluding flights), be aware that your travel planning fee is non-refundable.


Can I apply XYZ discounts (ex., corporate, AAA)?

Typically, no. Again, there is, unfortunately, no way to do this. You will find that most discount programs offer you something such as a 10% off rack rate (regular price), and 99% of the time, we're getting a better deal anyway.


Do Travel Agents get the best deals?

If your #1 concern is finding the bottom dollar price, we will not be a good fit. Of course, I will work within your budget and find the best options I can for your price range and trip dates. However, I am not Costco; I am a full-service travel agent offering concierge services. I work with suppliers whom I have built relationships with and trust based on experience. 


The value in working with a Travel Agent lies in our destination expertise and the fact that you have someone to guide you every step of the way. Also, there's someone on your side if there is a problem which I can't say about a call center! All of that said, I will never try to talk anyone into working with me; if you question whether working together is a good fit, then it isn't, and that is fine!

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